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Revolutionize Slack functionality and make your work life easier with out-of-the-box applications, workflows, templates, and much more! We’re here to create and build a range of tools that make your Slack environment more intuitive and efficient.

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Google Data Connector: Built by Bryd

Proprietary SCIM code that allows you to automatically bring profile information that’s stored in Google, straight into Slack without you having to lift a finger. Enabling you to create, find and send profiles with ease, taking one more job off your to-do list.

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Tableau Slack Usage Dashboard

We've built our own dashboard which will give you a deeper understanding of how Slack is being used across your business. 

The dashboard visualises the data that Slack makes available to show the most and least active areas of your business so that you can make informed decisions about how to increase value and drive adoption

Approvals Bot

A standard request form is created which has a limited number of fields which must be completed

User groups are configured to support with tiering (i.e. if there are several employees who could provide approval)

We strongly recommend that request submissions are sent to a designated channel rather than direct message

Mockup of a Slack message with a name and image and some ticks and crosses representing the approval processMockup of a Slack message with a name and image and some ticks and crosses representing the approval process
Mockup of a newsletter from the Slack appMockup of a newsletter from the Slack app

Announcement Bot

An announcement bot in Slack is a tool designed to streamline communication within a workspace by automating the dissemination of important information. Serving as an automated assistant, it posts announcements, updates, or notifications to specific channels or the entire workspace.

Users can schedule messages or set triggers for timely communication, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of human error. This tool enhances communication efficiency, keeping teams informed about crucial events, changes, or updates and contributing to transparency within the organization.

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