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The integration of Slack and Salesforce offers transformative enhancements in team productivity and collaboration. By embedding Salesforce capabilities into Slack, sales, service, and marketing teams can manage their workflows more efficiently, from lead management and campaign performance analysis to real-time collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

Bryd offers comprehensive setup, change management, and ongoing training for Slack + Salesforce projects ensuring that teams can leverage these powerful tools effectively and efficiently.

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Sales Cloud for Slack Integration

Sales Cloud for Slack enriches sales team productivity by integrating Salesforce capabilities into Slack. This powerful integration provides access to customer data, real-time updates, and seamless deal collaboration directly within Slack channels. By incorporating Salesforce's CRM tools into Slack, sales teams can communicate continuously, share insights instantly, and streamline sales processes, enhancing pipeline management and deal closure efficiency.

Bryd brings Sales Cloud into your Slack workspace to ensure that your sales team effectively utilizes it for maximum efficiency. Our services include configuration, training, and ongoing support to streamline workflow from email to Slack channels, automate critical updates with Salesforce Flow, and increase deal success rates.

Make pipeline management more efficient than ever

Collaborate using context-rich data

Move work out of email and into channels

Automate awareness with Salesforce Flow

Win more deals and maximise your team’s effectiveness

Slack SalesElevate Integration

Slack SalesElevate enhances sales operations by integrating Salesforce within Slack, providing sales teams with personalized notifications, tailored content, and AI-driven recommendations. This integration boosts sales productivity, facilitates collaboration on strategies, and enables faster lead management and deal closures by bringing CRM tools into everyday conversations.

Bryd will help integrate SalesElevate with your Slack environment, aligning sales goals, tracking progress, and refining tactics in real-time. Our approach includes system configuration, team training, and ongoing support to ensure your sales team maximizes the potential of this tool, leading to shorter sales cycles and increased deal volume.

Shorten the sales cycle and rack up more deals

Increase access to institutional knowledge

Spend less time working and more time selling

Service Cloud for Slack and Case Swarming

The integration of Salesforce Service Cloud with Slack leverages the "case swarming" method to enhance customer support. This setup enables teams to collaborate in real-time within Slack channels, reducing hand-offs and accelerating issue resolution. It involves using public channels for transparency and creating standardized workflows for better information sharing.

Bryd will establish dedicated Slack channels tailored to different customer issues and integrate these with your existing systems for seamless data flow. We will also develop automated workflows within Slack to streamline tasks and notifications. Our comprehensive support includes training your team to efficiently utilize this system to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Slack + Tableau Integration

The integration between Slack and Tableau streamlines data analytics within the Slack environment. This allows team members to easily access Tableau’s data visualizations, get alerts, and share insights, enhancing collaborative decision-making through real-time data interaction.

Bryd will facilitate the integration of Tableau within your Slack workspace, ensuring seamless functionality. We'll provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your team adapts effectively, focusing on enhancing data-driven collaboration. Our implementation plan includes continuous feedback evaluation and adjustments to tailor the integration to your specific business needs, promoting efficient decision-making processes.

Slack for Marketing Cloud Integration

Slack’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketing teams to enhance real-time collaboration directly within Slack. This integration allows teams to receive alerts, review campaign performance, and make informed decisions quickly, all within their Slack environment. It simplifies workflows, making it easier to manage various stages of marketing campaigns—from planning and execution to analysis—within a unified platform.

Bryd will help set up the Marketing Cloud integration within Slack, ensuring seamless communication and data flow between the two platforms. We will manage the entire process from technical setup to user training and adoption, focusing on minimizing disruption and maximizing usability. By providing ongoing support and gathering user feedback, Bryd will facilitate a smooth transition to the new system, helping your marketing team to effectively utilize these tools to drive better campaign results and collaboration.

Salesforce Services from Bryd

As well as being a Slack first Salesforce partner we also have capabilities to deliver projects across the Salesforce ecosystem, including core platforms like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft and Tableau.

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