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Bryd Delivery Services

Our services are here to help elevate Slack within your organization. Whether you’re building from the ground up or you’ve been using Slack for years we’re here to help connect your people, processes, and tech in a seamless and productive way.

Launch Package

We provide set-up, enablement and guidance to get you up and running in an impactful way. Our launch packages allow you to get the most out of Slack in an accelerated timeline.

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Usage Review

We will deep dive into how your business is using Slack. Using sentiment surveys, interviews with users, and analytics we will make recommendations to increase productivity and value with Slack.

Refresh Package

Feeling lost in your current Slack experience? Our refresh package focuses on cleaning up your existing environment, putting in place the right governance structure, and introducing new ways to enhance productivity in Slack.

Level Up Package

Ready to do more with Slack? This package enables all lines of business to utilize Slack to its full potential. We work with specific lines of business like IT, Sales, Service & Marketing to make them more efficient and productive, identifying gaps that Slack can fill.

Training & Enablement

Struggling to keep up with Slack’s latest features? Or wanting to inspire new use cases in teams? Our training and enablement packages have been designed to ensure that your teams get the skills and knowledge to effectively deploy new collaboration methods into Slack.

Grid Migration

Transitioning to Slack Enterprise Grid requires migration of workspaces to a new dedicated instance. Take the pressure off and let Bryd ensure a seamless transition and minimal downtown.

AI Enablement Package

Slack AI Enablement is a two-week training program designed to introduce Slack AI, its features, and practical applications, followed by advanced integrations, data management, and customisation, concluding with implementation strategies and feedback sessions

Custom requirements?

Do you have something else in mind that isn’t listed here? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss requirements and put together a package that best suits your needs.

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Did you know that on average clients see a 250% ROI working with an expert Slack implementation partner?

Bryd Managed Services

Hand it over to the experts

If you’ve brought your license and set up Slack but are now finding it difficult to resource internally, you might be wondering ‘what comes next?’. Our managed services enable you to retain expert hours on a monthly basis so you can continually improve, implement and elevate Slack within your organization.


Typically 3 Months
Up to 8 hours per month


Typically 6 Months
Up to 16 hours per month


Typically 12 Months
Up to 24 hours per month

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Expert managed services can reduce IT cost by 25-45% and increase operational efficiency by 45-65%

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