Bede Gaming Levels Up Secure Communication with a Seamless Slack Grid Migration by Bryd

"Our experience with Bryd was very pleasant from start to finish. As Slack is our main form of communication in our 24/7 business, we were keen to ensure that any migration did not result in huge downtime. Bryd worked alongside Slack and were able to complete the migration with no major issues, minimising the downtime as much as possible. Bryd were actively available and ready to help users experiencing issues the day after as well, and provided a lot of support and guidance, which was key to us maintaining our internal staff satisfaction. Working with Bryd saved us a lot of time which would have been spent reading technical manuals and trying to figure out how to perform a migration, allowing us to focus on other areas of the project. Thanks for all your help."

Daniel Whiteley


Bede Gaming, is a UK based provider of world-class online gambling platforms. They recently partnered with Bryd to migrate their existing Slack workspace to an Enterprise Grid plan. This move aimed to enhance secure communication and collaboration across their geographically diverse teams, spanning locations like Newcastle in the UK, Sofia Bulgaria, Toronto Canada, and remote positions across the world.

Understanding the Challenge

Migrating a critical system like Slack, especially for a company operating 24/7 with global teams, requires a meticulous approach. Bede Gaming needed to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to their ongoing operations. They faced the specific challenge of migrating to Enterprise Grid under tight constraints, with the potential risk of impacting continuous workflows.

Our Winning Strategy

We took a collaborative approach, overseeing a structured migration process directly within Slack. This ensured clear communication and kept everyone informed throughout the journey. We also worked closely with the Slack technical support team for seamless integration.

Here's how we delivered a winning outcome for Bede Gaming:

  • Expert Project Management:  By managing the entire migration process within Slack, we maintained transparency and kept everyone aligned.
  • Prioritizing User Experience:  Proactive communication minimised user concerns during the migration. We addressed any issues promptly, ensuring a positive user experience.
  • Minimized Downtime:  Our expertise ensured a smooth migration with minimal disruption to Bede Gaming's critical operations.
  • Ongoing Support:  We didn't stop after the migration. We remained readily available to address any post-migration challenges and provide ongoing guidance.

The Impact

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, the migration was a success. We achieved minimal disruption, immediate issue resolution, and maintained high user satisfaction. The swift and successful transition itself speaks volumes about the positive impact it’s had on Bede utilising the full features of Slack Enterprise Grid.

A Flawless Transition and Happy Users

Bede Gaming's experience with Bryd was exceptional. From the very beginning, the entire process was a pleasure for them. Bryd's expertise saved them valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on other project areas. Our proactive support minimised downtime and ensured their staff remained satisfied throughout the migration.

Considering a Slack Grid Migration? Bryd is Here to Help!

If you're looking to migrate your Slack workspace to an Enterprise Grid plan, Bryd is your trusted partner. We offer expert guidance, seamless execution, and ongoing support to ensure a successful transition.