How Bryd Helped The Excellence Factory Launch a Slack Community

"Working with Bryd was a game-changer for us, their organized approach, deep understanding of our business needs, and seamless implementation not only met our tight deadlines but set a new standard for what we expect from valued partners."

DéRecco Lynch

Founder & CEO

The Excellence Factory (TEF) empowers entrepreneurs to bring their business goals to life by connecting them with excellence engineers , resources, and tools for instant impact. They partnered with Bryd, a Slack consultancy, to launch a core component of their business - a Slack community where members can connect with TEF for support, find resources and chat with other members

Why TEF engaged Bryd?

They needed to get Slack up and running in a short period of time to meet their deadlines of launching within 4 weeks. While the founders have been Slack users for a while it was the first time building a Slack platform from scratch so wanted to follow best practices and ensure they were maximising the investment into the platform.

What was the Slack vision statement created for TEF 

At our organisation , we envision Slack as the virtual heartbeat of our dynamic community of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to unite and empower these visionary leaders, and Slack will serve as our digital headquarters, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and opportunities to propel their businesses forward. We envision a vibrant ecosystem within Slack, where members can effortlessly connect, collaborate, and support one another in their entrepreneurial journeys. Through Slack, we aim to create a thriving space where innovation thrives, partnerships flourish, and dreams transform into successful ventures, ultimately forging a brighter future for our community of entrepreneurs.

The Bryd approach to launching Slack for TEF

The collaborative approach included daily updates, synchronous/asynchronous communication, and progress tracking in a tagged Slack canvas. TEF appreciated Bryd's organized approach and understanding of their business needs, making customer adoption seamless. 

Bryd implemented multiple solutions such as connecting Slack to tools like HubSpot and Google Suite. They built custom workflows, advocated for a governance structure, and recommended quarterly reviews for channel effectiveness.

Bryd provided templated canvases for members and a Block Kit newsletter template. They configured notifications on member billing status and set up the Slack workspace per requirements. The launch included an Admin/Governance Playbook and end-user support. Bryd offered a roadmap for future enhancements and configured the workspace for external partners with invite links and HubSpot notifications for sign-ups.

Channel strategy involved the initial setup of channels, topics, descriptions, and posting permissions. A finalized Slack Channel Strategy document and Admin Policies for the External Workspace were established. Work on Slack Enablement Workflow and Canvases for TEF Specialists continued. 

Take a look at some examples of the work completed for The Excellence Factory. 👇

The Excellence Factory Workflow Builder